Tantrum Kitesurf

Name : Tantrum Kitesurf

IG Handle : @TantrumKitesurf
Industry : Sport

Niche : Kitesurfing

Commission :
To explore different promotional avenues and marketing initiatives using the BioLink as the funnel.
To create a profile within the niche.
Challenge :
Kitesurfing is a niche sport – so building the profile within the community had a great response.   A follower count of 20k was asked for – a high follower number for this area.
Results :
The follower target was achieved.
The bio link and bio itself changed frequently to match the promotions and focus – From App downloading, Webinars, SoundCloud broadcasts as well as Kitesurf Magazines and Camps.

Grid Notes:  Curated images from the Kitesurfing Community – all credits given. Motivational quotes were also integrated. Overall it was found that original and local photos were most popular.