Rosanna Falconer and the Carrot Cake

What’s the IRL angle

Don’t just stare at Instagram and think that’s nothing to do with me – get out there and meet the people behind it all – as long as your invited of course!
📲 @rosannafalconer: Girl about town who loves a swishy skirt and is full on tech brains at @fashmash

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You know the way you may be just sort of aimlessly watching InstaStories.  Exercising your finger when a Poll comes up with a question and you choose one or the other.  No  massive challenge – just sort of passive amusement.

rosanna falconer on paradise social
Carrot cake or Heaven

Well I was on the lovely Rosanna Falconer‘s Insta Story and there was Poll. She couldn’t decide to make a Carrot or Red Velvet cake for the National Garden Scheme.  This is an open garden initiative and there’s cake!  For charity.

Really it seemed silly that I was voting on a cake that I wasn’t going to actually have any of.  So, I’d just finished lunch and had a bit of spare time – I jumped on the train and there I was in a stranger’s house!

Yes it was really weird!  But there were other weird people there too .. actually no weird people, just all lovely people like me!   We came for cake and a smile.

Rosanna introduced me to her dashing husband who’s full on doing amazing

rosanna falconer paradise social
Brining style to afternoon tea

stuff with football.  But tbh football baffles me.  But he managed to make it interesting.  That’s an achievement for me (and word on the street is that he actually made the carrot cake too).

I left and swung by Westfield, picked up some back to reality stuff in the shops and was back home having had desert and an adventure.  All before 4 in the afternoon!

Guys get out and meet people – it makes you feel good!


Fiona will travel far for cake – she also enjoys teaching people how to use Instagram for their business.  You can contact me if you need to use it for your business in a way that actually works.