Miranda’s Mission

What’s the IRL angle

When you meet a nice person via Instagram and you end up having a whole world opened up to you.

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From the Heart

📲 @MirandaHolderldn – Celebrity stylist .
📲 @Dash dog Shelter  (donate via bio link)

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Style and Heart

I met Miranda at one of our InstaClinics – but continued to follow her on my own account as I had found her upbeat and her account so engaging.  Full of style. I was in awe how she even had time for Instagram, with all that she was up to.   For me .. the lure was her IGStories. They were so chatty, you almost felt you were a pal in her pocket. She whips out her phone willy nilly and let’s you into her day.

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Anyway, in such a manner me and a few thousand of her followers accompanied her on her familly holiday this summer. She showed us around her hotel and the next door hotel and even described the hunk at the pool..  I was ‘in’.

Then she took us on a walk – she’d spotted some dogs. She gave them a left over Fishfinger and boom – her stories suddenly became a tenderhook race to save 600 dogs lives!  It was an incredible unraveling of barefaced kindness. No make up, no pretence, all heart!   I was quite literally in tears at how a holiday by the pool suddenly changed into a journey of compassion.

Every day Miranda would report how the dogs were. We got to know their names and watched as she started to save the dogs, get food, get guests to join in and of course introduce us to the shelter owner Katarina who quite literally gave up her home and even clothes to devote her life to the dogs.

Often times people come back off their holidays and get on with their lives. But no – Miranda’s on a mission.  She’s going to get the journey covered in a

Rescue or join them in Greece: Every little helps

documentary, rallied round donators, even got the holiday company, Neilson’s to donate, no stone was unturned.  And now she’s gathering people together to go back out to Greece to help build a shelter.   All the while she was #frow in New York Fashion Week followed by a red eye to London Fashion Week!   She’s unstoppable.

I recommend looking at the rescue highlight’s on Miranda’s Instagram and of course donating if it’s your calling.  She’s a true example of how #kindnessmatters .. totally spreading the positive.

  It’s a great story how you can make Instagram a truly positive experience.  An honour to have met Miranda for sure.


Fiona has her own rescue pup. Found on the motorway in Spain.
When are we going to learn to respect these little friends.
He’s changed our life – lucky us.