From Then to Now

Fiona has, like many of us a multi hyphen life (thank you Emma Gannon for this insight!)

Starting her professional life with a degree in Economics and Philosophy from TCD.  Then moving to New York’s Madison Av – living the fast paced world of Advertising.  Enough of the big Apple then moving to Australia finally laying her hat in London where she took to working in the Music Industry as a journalist and PR.

Writing, media and interviewing people had always been part of what Fiona had done and it felt like a natural progression when the skill of uncovering a story graduated to a life as a counsellor and therapist for the past 15 years.

The media stayed a side hustle as they say .. and social media provided the lure 1st place foundr ig challenge.  Fiona won the Foundr award  -for the project When You Live in Paradise, which combined Positive Psychology with the concept of Paradise and living the life of your design.