Helen Perry and the wise Duck

What’s the IRL angle

Creative Duck does fab Networking or just real interesting Events in Henley and Marlow.  They’re full of really nice people happy to chat.  Go, even if it’s far away.

There I met Helen Perry –  📲 @notaboutthekids  – Instagram Creator and Events builder:
📲 @thecreativeduck – small business owners, crafters and freestylers building a community in a real shop and online .

Time to read – 3 minutes

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Queens Park Mums

I met the Lovely Anna Holbrook via Instagram.  She has a hugely fulfilling role

Post Natal Depression  Queens Park London
Anna Holbrook QPM

in her community, bringing mums together and creating an avenue where locals can connect to near by business, restaurants and general good times!  Ultimately making their corner of London feel like a village.  Love it!

In my capacity as a therapist, I wrote an article on Post Natal Depression for Anna’s blog Queens Park Mums
So here’s the link  — >    Click! 👇🏽

Out from the Shadows

PND is a pretty serious thing and really 100% something that requires you getting out to meet people in real life.   If Queens Park, London is your area  🏡 they have a great mum’s meet up .. go!  They sometimes drink wine!

📲 @queensparkmums

Lucky Things meets Fatima Trusscot

What’s the IRL angle

Love that Lucky Things encourages people to meet in real life.  Over 90% of attendees to her events come on their own.
📲 @luckythingsblog – women networking:  Coach and Network Event host.
Fatima Trusscot – is entertaining and charismatic, in fashion but keeping it real.    📲 @the_FT_Times – Fashion and Lifestyle:

Time to read – 3 minutes

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