Behind the Scenes

Paradise Social is part of When You Live in Paradise.
Inspiring you to design your own life

Both are about living life to the full.

Paradise Social is where Fiona uses Instagram to inspire as well as connect with people In Real Life which you will find on these pages:


When you live in Paradise is a project by Fiona Austin’s therapy practice. She’s a psychologist and therapist who has returned to London after having

When You Live in Paradise by
Fiona living life to the Full

lived in the sunshine for 7 years. ¬† The project’s core is to help you find your paradise, your happy place. ¬†This can simply be just more time to enjoy your coffee in the morning, ¬†to launching a lifestyle business or trading the rat race for a life of your own design.

When you live in Paradise is where Fiona will introduce you to how to live your dream and share a few stories of people who are living theirs.

Fiona has a private clinic in London where she see’s clients in person and remotely. ¬†She currently lives in London with her family and little dog. ¬†She is never far from Paradise.

No More Excuses!